Types Of The Best Travel Equipment

The right travel gear can make all the difference in the world. After a long day of biking or hiking, and generally moving about in some of the world’s most unforgiving landscapes, putting on clean clothes, and enjoying a meal from home to regain strength. The following list isn’t exhaustive but should provide you with some guidelines on the best travel equipment as to what you should consider taking along on your next adventure:

Your guide to some of the best travel gear.


Good quality clothing made from breathable fabrics will allow you to stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. If your clothing isn’t breathable, it will release moisture, providing you with a warm sweater, sweats, and rashes. Always take at least one change of clothing and wear gloves, a sunhat, and a long-sleeve shirt in hot climates. In cold climates, ensure that you bring layers that can be easily added to or removed depending on the day’s temperature and how warm or cool they feel.

Sleeping bag

These days you can spend a lot of money on a sleeping bag, but there are many advantages to spending a little extra money to buy one made by an established manufacturer with a reputation for producing good quality products. A well-designed sleeping bag will not only keep you warm and comfortable but will also be easy to pack. It’s a good idea to buy a sleeping bag that can be zipped together with another similar size sleeping bag so that you can zip them together and use both as one large bed and stay warmer on cold nights.


A knife is an essential travel equipment that most people carry when they travel, but few people carry the right type of knife. A survival knife is different from a regular pocket knife. The survival knife has a longer blade and should have a handle that can be used to strike an object for use as an emergency fire starter if required.

First aid kit

This is one area where you should always spend a little extra money to buy quality. It’s worth buying a kit that can be packed away into a small box or bag.

Water Filter

Good quality water filters are essential when traveling in countries with questionable water supplies. Some people think it’s okay to drink unprocessed water from rivers and lakes as long as it has been boiled first. Boiling your drinking water provides some protection against bacteria, but there are a lot of other toxic chemicals in untreated water which aren’t removed by boiling, like chlorine and chloroform. Getting a water filter designed to remove chlorine and chloroform, common in most municipal water supplies, will provide you with more reliable protection against stomach illnesses that are easily contracted when traveling in areas where the local water supply isn’t treated.

If you’re a passionate traveler, you know that for every amazing adventure, there are moments of discomfort and peril. However, you can equip yourself with the best travel equipment to ensure a happy and safe journey.

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