Saint Peter’s Basilica | Famous Tourist Holy Place

Righteous Catholics from all over the world dream of seeing the heart of the Vatican – St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This is probably the only cathedral that has been a symbol of Christianity for two millennia, and now this is one of the famous tourist holy places. In the cathedral, there is an opportunity to see Rome from above, admire the interior from the top of the dome, listen to mass and receive the blessing of the pope.

Construction of the cathedral

The beginning of construction is considered April 18, 1506, it lasted more than a century. The initial design of the building has changed many times. The first architect was Bramante, then Raphael. The final version of St. Peter’s Basilica in the form of a truncated cross, which was consecrated on November 18, 1626, was completed according to the design of Michelangelo and his students. After some time, the Pope ordered the eastern part of the cross to be lengthened and the facade to be completed, and the architect Maderno completed the work.

Sculpture by Michelangelo

The bronze gates of the temple were made in the 14th century, they depict the apostle’s Peter and Paul. From the first minutes, two objects attract attention: on the right side – a masterpiece of the Renaissance, the sculpture “Lamentation of Christ” and a bronze canopy. The sculpture was the only work by Michelangelo where you can see his monogram, which is located on a strip running over the shoulder of Our Lady.

Dome of the cathedral

Looking up, you can feel the full power of the impressive dome in this tourist holy place. It is supported by 4 pylons, in each of which there are statues of saints: Andrew, Elena, Longinus, and Veronica. The Chapel of the Holy Sacraments houses the only painting in the cathedral by the artist Pietro da Carton “New Testament Trinity”, painted in oil. The bronze canopy of Bernini, made very intricately, on twisted columns covers the altar over the tomb of St. Peter. According to legend, it is here that the holy relics are kept, but scientists have not been able to prove this so far.

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