Factors To Consider When Buying A Bow Tie

A bow tie is a type of neckwear that is made with the same shape as the bow tie of a formal shirt. There are many different types, but they typically all have an adjustable strap and a small loop at one end. The most common type of bow tie is probably the pre-tied version, which can be fitted to anyone’s neck size with its simple velcro adjustment.

Factors to consider when buying a bow tie

1. The Interchangeability of bow tie

Pre-tied bow ties have a certain fixed design, but you can choose different patterns to combine with. And you can buy bow ties online. This is the best choice if you cannot find what you want in the local stores.

2. The Size of your Neck

Pre-tied bow ties are usually adjustable, but there are still some that come with fixed size only, like genuine leather ones.

3. Material Type

Bow ties made from genuine leather have a higher price than those made from synthetic materials such as polyester and silk. But if you are allergic to animal skin, you can choose the synthetic one.

4. The Color of your Bow tie

For pre-tied bow ties, there is a limited number of colors to choose from for each design, but for the self-tie ones, there is a wide variety of colors available for their patterns.

5. The Finishing Touch

You can choose a self-tie bow tie if you want to create your look and personal style. They are not just for formal occasions! Ensure that the material used is of good quality, as it affects the durability of your bow tie.

6. The Design and Pattern

Pre-tied bow ties are designed with a limited number of patterns, but you can still combine them to achieve different looks and styles. If you want to choose a pattern that matches your fashion style, then self-tie bow ties will not disappoint you! However, be aware that the materials and finishing touch also affect its durability.

As you can see, people have different choices on bow ties. There are advantages and disadvantages to each kind, so we will not suggest any of them here. Perhaps you should explore more until you find the one that suits your preferences and ways of dressing.

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