Top Make-Up Tips

A lot of people will say that make-up is a tool to improve your appearance, but we actually believe it should be used only to enhance our natural beauty. We have collected some of the best make-up tips that you might need in your life, along with a few easy beauty hacks.

Here Are the Best Makeup Tips.

1. Match the Eyes and Lips

Your eyes and lips must match to look visibly appealing. The makeup you use to highlight or enhance your natural beauty should be a complementary color to your eyes and lips.

2. Control Your Face Shape

If you have a round face shape, control the expressions with neutral lip lines and keep your facial expression in a simple style that can make you appear more cheerful instead of scary. For other face shapes, make them fuller by using strong eye-liner, eyeliner, and tinted liquid liner.

3. Nail Polish and Designs

Never paint your nails with dark colors to make them look longer, as the contrast will only add length to your nails and not your finger. Instead, use clear nail polish or bright, light colors. If you want to use polka dots for your nails, balance their shape on top of the nail bed, and prevent them from making you look uneven.

4. Eyeliner

Use colored eyeliners when you are doing your makeup, as it is one of the easiest areas to adjust your style. Use a pencil or liquid eyeliner to get a simple look, and smudge it at the outer corner of your eyes to look glamorous.

5. Full Lips or Thin Lips

If you want an instant beauty hack, use a light lip gloss that matches your lip color to make them appear fuller and sexier. You can also go for matte lipstick if you have thin lips to make them look fuller.

6. Contour Shape

Contouring is one of the latest make-up techniques on the market, and it allows you to draw attention to your facial features. Use your contour powder on the under-eye area and add a dark shadow under the nose to balance out the shape of your face. Dark shadows can also be used around the eyes, but be careful not to draw too much attention away from your eyes.

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